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 Working with professional and age group athletes of all level over the past 15 years. I m privilege to guide a very passionate and hard working group of athletes. From winning ironman races, to graduating to the professional rank, making  it to kona as a age grouper or simply finishing your first triathlon, the main elements i require for my athletes is commitment to personal excellence. if you are interested in joining us, get in touch now!

Athletic history

  • Elite national champion Long Distance Canada
  • 2nd place ironman canada 8:39
  • 5 sub 9h ironman finish
  • many half ironman overall win
  • 3 year on the national world cup developpement team



  • Unlimited athlete/coach communication via numerous media email, text, phone, facebook etc 

  • Individualized training schedule to     meet your situation/goals.

  • Unlimited schedule change 

  • Power/workout file review Race strategy, nutrition, power target, mental preparation

  •  Training Peaks account included

  • Swim video analysis as needed

  •  bike fit sessions as needed


90-120min positioning session with 1 follow up session. All adjustment to get you in the most powerfull and aerodynamic position


Under water video, review and analysis

Athletes Past and current

Athletes that have work with Jonathan through swim squad or consultingl

Heather Wurtele    Ironman Champion

Trevor Wurtele      Ironman Champion

Jeff symonds         Ironman Champion 

Tom Evans             Ironman Champion

Dave Matheson    Challenge Champion

Professional developpement athletes

  • Jen Annett                         Challenge Champion 
  • Nathan Champness          podium 70.3
  • Jeremy Rielley                2X Chicago tri  champion 


Age Group athletes

Robert Shypitka  45-49

Kona Qualifed 

9h25 ironman IMC

3:07 marathon IMTX

John White   40-44

Kona Quanified

9h15 ironman PB

Stephen Day  45-49

Kona Qualifed

9h24  IMLP

3:06 marathon 

Jeremy Rielley 25-29

3rd place Steelhead 70.3  4:10 

2x Chicago triathlon champion

Jeff Paul 50-54

Cancer survivor

on the road back to start line!

Tracey Mcquire

Ultraman canada champion

Ultraman UK Champion

Larking Carter  50-54

Kona Qualifed

9h55 ironman

Emanuela Bandol  35-39

ITU World Champion Off road tri

Kona Qualified

Hasting Phukett  40-44

Kona Qualified

3:09 marathon IMC

Alex Bradely  20-24

8h57 ironman PB

Kevin Esser 40-44

9h53 IMLOO

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250 490 5076